A report on the future of the NHS: a rapid increase in the consumption of public money to provide worsening service?

Good Governance Institute | Published online: 29 September 2016

Image source: GGI

The Future of the National Health Service report presents the core arguments arising from the debate and explores recommendations and critical next steps required to safeguard the future sustainability of the health and care system.

The report analyses in some detail at the NHS in the midst of the most serious financial crisis since its inception and together with the wider care system, is experiencing the most austere era in its 68-year history. Both health and social care are facing a decade long funding squeeze which, it has been reported, will see spending as a share of GDP decrease leaving Britain behind many other advanced nations on this measure of spending. With an ageing population, a society in which the prevalence of long term medical conditions is ever increasing, the rising cost of care, a chronic underinvestment in social care and a reported cumulative 2015/16 provider deficit of £2.45 billion, the health system is teetering on the edge of a full blown crisis.

Read the full overview here

Read the full report here


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