New figures reveal running cost of NHS estate

NHS Digital has released figures detailing the costs of building, maintaining and servicing parts of the NHS estate – from how much is spent on feeding patients, to the number of car parking spaces at hospitals.


The NHS Digital report, Estates Return Information Collection (ERIC) 2015-16, publishes information on various costs incurred in equipping the NHS estate to deliver secondary care and ambulance services.

It also includes information on non-financial aspects, such as NHS trusts’ fire safety measures, and their steps towards meeting carbon reduction targets.

The 2015-16 ERIC collection received data from 238 trusts, including 10 ambulance trusts, and provides information on estate costs for the financial year of 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016.

Information at trust level is available for the following categories:

  •  Organisational profile
  •  Strategies and policies
  •  Contracted-out services
  •  Finance
  •  Building and land sales
  •  Fire safety

Figures are also available at hospital/site level in categories that include but are not limited to: laundry costs, cleaning costs, in-patient food costs, waste disposal costs, car parking availability and charges, and costs in maintaining the quality of buildings.



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