RCN chief: New role risks devaluing nursing

Viewing nursing as a task based role will put patient safety at risk, the chief executive of the Royal College of Nursing has warned | HSJ

  • RCN chief executive Janet Davies criticises “lack of transparency” over development of nurse associate role
  • She says proposals to allow nurse associates to administer controlled drugs is “ridiculous”
  • Viewing nursing as a task based role would put patient safety at risk, she says

Janet Davies said proposals that nurse associates could be allowed to independently draw up and administer controlled drugs were “ridiculous”. This was suggested in Health Education England internal papers, seen by HSJ, showing the proposed curriculum for nursing associates.

Ms Davies also said there was a lack of transparency about how the new role is being developed.

The HEE documents, reported on last week, said the new band four workers would be expected to have extensive medication knowledge and be capable of handling drugs, as well as carry out invasive procedures on patients. They will be able to work independently of registered nurses.

Ms Davies told HSJ: “Nursing is far more than just a series of tasks and what is beginning to happen is that nursing is being seen as a series of tasks which can be divvied up among a number of people and that is not what nursing is.

Read the full article here



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