Regional and local, social care workforce information

These reports are regularly published by Skills for Care using data from the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) and share the latest data and information about our sector.

Image source: Skills for Care

Each report gives an overview of the adult social care workforce by region and local authority area in easy to follow sections, and shares the following information:

  • the population and age profile (i.e how many people might need care in the future)
  • whether the ageing population is likely to increase (helpful for service planning)
  • how many workers are employed
  • how many and what type of organisations deliver care
  • how many jobs there are and the types of jobs i.e. managerial, frontline workers
  • the profile of the workers by age, gender and nationality
  • how qualified the workforce are
  • the recruitment and retention issues facing the area
  • average pay rates.

The reports use data collected by the NMDS-SC to create workforce models that, in turn, allow us to produce estimates of the whole adult social care workforce. This ensures that the results are not affected by any uneven levels of data coverage in the NMDS-SC.

Read the overview here

Find the Yorkshire & Humber infographic here


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