Maximising the Contribution of NHS Non-Clinical Staff

It’s time to bring the hidden half million out of the shadows

Image source: HSJ

Over half a million (587,647) of the 1,241,325 NHS staff work in the vital range of fields that support clinical care. The diversity of their jobs is significant.

Any effort to exhaustively catalogue the many categories of role under the non-clinical umbrella wouldn’t add huge value. As well as key services provided by cleaners, cooks, porters, gardeners and maintenance colleagues, there are administrators at all levels, switchboard colleagues, IT staff, security staff – as well as those in communications, finance and HR.

There are receptionists, including those in GP practices. There are mortuary staff. And there are medical librarians (who really, really hated not being mentioned in our interim report). Commissioning support staff matter, too. Nor can we possibly forget the staff who handle arguably the key litmus test issue of the local NHS: car parking.

The NHS could not function without all these people’s contributions.

Read the full overview here

Read the full report here


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