Morale of the medical workforce

The Royal College of Physicians has published Keeping medicine brilliant: improving working conditions in the acute setting.

This report focuses on developing the evidence base to support new ways of assessing and improving doctors’ morale.  The report also explores the issue of recruitment to the rank of medical registrar, and highlights that the perception of on-call roles as being extremely stressful and a significant deterrent to recruitment.

The RCP identify eight ‘domains’ of a doctor’s working life that need to be assessed and supported. The report suggests it is essential that all eight domains are addressed in a holistic way to improve the morale and wellbeing of doctors:

Image source:
  • Work
  • Physical environment needed for work
  • Interpersonal relations in the workplace
  • Hospital administration and policies
  • Personal characteristics
  • Career, education and training
  • External/home circumstances
  • Patient safety

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