The UK must improve its approach to medical management

Evans, D. Nuffield Trust Blog. Published online 12 December 2016


“The latest research from the Nuffield Trust provides a fascinating assessment of the state of the relationship between doctors and managers. The fact that we continue to look on them as two separate tribes probably says it all, but I would recommend reading the whole thing. I was particularly struck by the finding that chief executives are the most optimistic group – which either shows that they have a true understanding that things will get better or a delusional belief in their own abilities to bring about change, depending where you sit.

Undoubtedly this relationship is at the heart of the NHS and must be nurtured if the service is to survive and improve in these hard times for us all. The patients are at the centre of everything we do and that is worthy of a constant reminder to everyone. Together we can make great things happen.”

Read the full blog post here


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