New patient care test for hospital bed closures

NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens will today announce that hospital bed closures arising from proposed major service reconfigurations will in future only be supported where a new test is met that ensures patients will continue to receive high quality care | NHS England

Baby's Healthcare

From 1 April, local NHS organisations will have to show that significant hospital bed closures subject to the current formal public consultation tests can meet one of three new conditions before NHS England will approve them to go ahead:

  • Demonstrate that sufficient alternative provision, such as increased GP or community services, is being put in place alongside or ahead of bed closures, and that the new workforce will be there to deliver it; and/or
  • Show that specific new treatments or therapies, such as new anti-coagulation drugs used to treat strokes, will reduce specific categories of admissions; or
  • Where a hospital has been using beds less efficiently than the national average, that it has a credible plan to improve performance without affecting patient care (for example in line with the Getting it Right First Time programme)

Read the full news story here


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