Excellence By Design: Standards For Postgraduate Curricula

These newly developed standards aim to make postgraduate training more flexible for doctors | General Medical Council

Image source: GMC

They provide a framework for the approval and provision of postgraduate medical education and training across the UK. All medical colleges and faculties are required to update all 103 existing postgraduate medical curricula against the GMC’s new standards, with a target to complete the process by 2020.

During our approval processes, organisations † must describe and give evidence to show how our standards and requirements set out in this document have been addressed in the design and development of the proposed curriculum. For a curriculum to be meaningful, it must address many interdependent factors, such as:

  •  clinical safety
  • expected levels of performance
  • maintenance of standards
  • patient expectations
  • equality and diversity requirements
  • strategic workforce issues and system coherence
  • operational and professional perspectives.
Image source: GMC

Our curriculum approval process will make sure all of these different dimensions have been appropriately considered and addressed effectively during the development process.


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