Five strategies to improve junior doctors’ dissatisfaction

A new blog post on The King’s Fund identifies five ways to improve the morale of junior doctors. Bilal Sahib writes that, “dissatisfaction among junior doctors has reached unprecedented levels: 80 per cent feel excessively stressed, and the number progressing directly to specialty training is declining.”

doctor-563428_1920While Sahib recognises some of these solutions can only be implemented at a national level, for instance boosting the number of medical school places. There are some  that could be implemented at a local level which could help to bolster the morale of this workforce. Their suggestions include:

  • Better rota planning
  • Induction
  • Rest facilities
  • Out-of- hours support
  • Debriefs

Full details about the suggestions and  further details can be found at The King’s Fund

Related: A retrospective analysis on  BMJ Open looks at the impact of industrial action by English junior doctors in 2016.  This is the first UK study that looked at the effects of striking junior doctors, as well as the first to evaluate the impact of withheld inhospital emergency services (the April 2016 strike was the first ever UK strike to include emergency care).

The full analysis can be downloaded from the BMJ here

In the media:  The Daily Mail  The 2016 junior doctors’ strike led to emergency care being withdrawn for patients – the first time this has ever happened in the history of the NHS


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