Delayed Transfers of Care

This publication from December 2017 covers the issue of Delayed Transfers of Care.  Done properly, not only are health and personal outcomes improved, but net savings for the system may also be generated. | Better Care Support Programme

Preventing delays to patients being transferred from hospital settings is achievable. Patients waiting in hospital beds for discharge to an appropriate setting is a symptom of systems not working – and can be tackled rather than accepted.

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The challenge set for this piece of work was to ‘do something different’. So a new approach was designed by Newton and three areas in the North of England, resourced by regional Better Care Fund support monies.

The project team took a meticulous approach to gathering and analysing the data in order to provide an accurate and timely evidence base on what was really happening. This was then used to begin driving changes in behaviours, decision making and leadership.


When reflecting on all the evidence across the entire project, four leading headlines emerged as being critical to making a positive impact on DToC: achieving a shared understanding; exhibiting the right behaviours; appropriate decision-making and the role of leadership.

Full document: Why not home? Why not today?


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