NHS spending during the last 70 years (The Nuffield Trust)

The Nuffield Trust  | March 2018  | 70 years of NHS spending

A new post on the Nuffield Trust’s blog considers how NHS spending has changed over time.  While speding was an estimated £460 million in the 1950s,  a figure that is dwarfed by current spending of  and projections of £158.4 billion by 2020.


NHS spending
Image source: nuffieldtrust.org.uk

After the figures are adjusted for inflation, by 2020 NHS spending looks to be around 10 times that of 1950.  John Appleby, writing on the think tank’s blog, considers after more than a decade of decreasing spending as a share of gross domestic product (GDP) what it will take to reverse this trend?

He comments that returning to spending of 7.6% of GDP over the next three years would require a real increase in funding of £15.1 billion – £11.4 billion more than current plans – and equivalent to an average annual real increase of 3.3%, rather than the 0.8% currently planned. Such growth is not out of line with the history of NHS spending – indeed, somewhat below the 4% or so per year long run average.

(The Nuffield Trust)
The full post can be read here 



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