UK needs a coherent approach to the recruitment of international doctors

The UK urgently needs a joined-up approach to recruitment of international doctors, according to BMJ editorial. 


An editorial in The BMJ, suggests that the UK government’s decision to review the visa regime for international doctors is “a rare glimmer of common sense in an issue that has been more usually characterised by national policy incoherence.”

However, they warn that the “underlying problems of the UK approach to international recruitment of health professionals” remains to be “acknowledged and addressed.”

These problems “owe much to a debilitating mix of conflicting policy goals and inadequate national health workforce planning and funding,” they explain. “This has led to a long-term ‘stop-go’ approach to international recruitment of doctors and other health professionals, which has often been misaligned with domestic health workforce and immigration policies.”

The article recommends more effective working between the Home Office and Department of Health to ensure that international recruitment is “fair and consistent”.

Full article: Buchan, J. & Charlesworth, A. | International rescue | BMJ  | 13th June 2018

See also: Joined-up approach needed to recruit overseas doctors | OnMedica



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