Diversity: The New Prescription for the NHS

Good Governance Institute | July 2018 | Diversity: The New Prescription for the NHS

The Good Governance Institute and Diversity by Design have produced a new report aimed at board members and chief executives /executive teams of acute NHS trusts in England. This report is designed to open up a new approach to diversity that makes it central to an NHS trust because it delivers a dividend to patients and staff – in terms of health, and clinical and personal success – in line with the NHS Constitution: the NHS “is there to improve our health and well-being, supporting us to keep mentally and physically well, to get better when we are ill and, when we cannot fully recover, to stay as well as we can to the end of our lives”.

Image source: good-governance.org.uk

 While the diversity deficits must be tackled, the motivation to enhance diversity should be widened beyond compliance and tackling injustice. As talent is unblocked by dealing with the deficits, diversity should be pursued for the considerable added value which it can bring to the core purposes of the NHS.


The report can be downloaded from the Good Governance Institute


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