Improving NHS efficiency

This report by NHS Providers says trusts recognise their responsibility to maximise efficiency but a different approach will now be needed

This report says the current method of driving efficiency in the health service – setting an over ambitious, top level target and reducing the real terms prices trusts are paid for the care they provide, in the hope they will find further savings – is no longer sustainable.

The report says the forthcoming NHS long term plan, backed by the new funding settlement, can provide a vision for a transformed and sustainable NHS.

However the success of that plan will depend on the ability of the health service to deliver stretching levels of efficiency.

The report sets out in detail how trusts have risen to the challenge of improving efficiency in recent years. It also presents trust leaders’ views on where further opportunities lie, the main barriers to progress, and the support they need to make the extra funding for the NHS go further.

Full report: Making the most of the money – efficiency and the long term plan

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