Doomed to repeat? Lessons from the history of NHS reform

With NHS leaders hard at work on a long-term plan for the NHS, this new collection of essays from the Nuffield Trust looks at the lessons to learn from previous health service reforms. The collection offers six chapters of insight and analysis to inform the new plan, and includes a timeline of NHS policy over the past 35 years

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Since 2000 the NHS in England has seen at least six major national plans, accompanied by at least ten reorganisations at various levels. Now the NHS is once more being asked to draw up a master plan for its future – one which will last for 10 years, and will be backed by £20 billion a year in extra funding. NHS leaders and politicians from all parties have one important advantage over their predecessors: the ability to learn from the past about what works and what does not.

This essay collection brings together research and analysis of the key questions that should inform the new plan. What factors always seem to be forgotten, and tend to trip up even the best thought out visions for the future?

What is the track record of lining up staff and money to support changes, and how could this be better? How do you choose priorities that can actually happen? It is hoped the essays will start a debate about the lessons the long history of NHS reform can teach us today.

Full report: Doomed to repeat? Lessons from the history of NHS reform | Nuffield Trust


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