Employee engagement in the NHS

Employee Engagement in the NHS: A secondary data analysis of the NHS Healthy Workforce and Britain’s Healthiest Workplace surveys | RAND Corporation

This study examined the factors associated with engagement among NHS employees as part of a project with the Health Foundation.

Key Findings

  • Comparing the NHS to other sectors in the UK, the findings suggest that employee engagement in the NHS is lower than in some UK sectors, such as media and telecommunications and professional services, but better than in others, such as financial services and logistics.
  • The report suggests that a number of demographic factors are associated with levels of engagement, including gender and age.
  • Employees working in different NHS occupations report different levels of engagement. For instance, among employees in social care, admin and general management levels of engagement tend to be lower on average. In contrast, employees in medical and dental occupations, and nursing and healthcare assistants tend to report higher levels of engagement.


  • Approaches aimed at improving staff engagement will need to be targeted at specific groups.
  • It is important to keep making the business case for improved staff engagement to key policy makers and decision-makers in the service starting possibly with finance directors and chief executives.

Full document: Employee Engagement in the NHS

Image source: http://www.rand.org

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