The health care workforce in England: make or break?

The Health Foundation, Nuffield Trust & The King’s Fund | November 2018 | The health care workforce in England

A new briefing compiled by The Health Foundation, Nuffield Trust & The King’s Fund  states the action needed by the NHS, focusing on the workforce requirements linked to the NHS’s long-term plan. 


The briefing underlines:

  • The workforce challenges in the NHS in England now present a greater threat
    to health services than the funding challenges.
  • [how] across NHS trusts there is a shortage of more than 100,000 staff. Based on current trends, they  project that the gap between staff needed and the number available could reach almost 250,000 by 2030. If the emerging trend of staff leaving the workforce early continues and the pipeline of newly trained staff and international recruits does not rise sufficiently, this number could be more than 350,000 by 2030.
  • Current workforce shortages are taking a significant toll on the health and wellbeing of staff. There is also evidence of discrimination and inequalities in pay and career progression, which must be addressed.
  • If substantial staff shortages continue, they could lead to growing waiting lists, deteriorating care quality and the risk that some of the £20.5bn secured for NHS front-line services will go unspent: even if commissioners have the resources to commission additional activity, health care providers may not have the staff to deliver it. (Source: The health care workforce in England)

A forthcoming report from The Health Foundation, the Nuffield Trust & The King’s Fund focuses on five levers of  training; international recruitment; better employment practice; pay and conditions; and maximising the potential of staff through better use of existing skills, enhancing those skills and redesigning roles will be released shortly.  The report will explore the opportunities offered by each of these levers and will recommend a number of high-impact interventions.  It will also explore the issues in social care in more depth than this briefing allows.

Download the briefing here 

Read the press release from The King’s Fund The health care workforce in England: make or break?


Nuffield Trust Staffing shortfall of almost 250,000 by 2030 is major risk to NHS Long Term Plan, experts warn

The Health Foundation Staffing shortfall of almost 25,000 by 2030 is major risk to NHS long term plan 


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