Letting Local Systems Lead: How the NHS Long Term Plan can deliver a Sustainable NHS

NHS Confederation | November 2018 | Letting Local Systems Lead

In Letting Local Systems Lead,  NHS Confederation are calling for action to remove the barriers to effective local system working.

systems lead
Image source: nhsconfed.org

The publication of Letting Local Systems Lead follows a survey of NHS Confederation members which found that:

  • Six in ten leaders (61%) agree that sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) and integrated care systems (ICSs) represent the right approach for partnership working between the NHS and local government.
  • But the vast majority of respondents considered that only moderate progress (44%) or a little progress (42%) had been made in implementing the system working approach set out in the NHS Five Year Forward View
  • When asked what would make a difference, local leaders identified better local partnership working, improved engagement with staff, patients and communities, more effective local governance and a more supportive oversight regime (Source: NHS Confederation)

Full details at NHS Confederation 

Download  Letting Local Systems Lead 


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